A Great Dr Oz Show Interview with Sudhir Choudhrie 

It isn’t effortless for someone to be ushered a second chance at life. Conversely, the same instance happens to the great Sudhir Choudhrie over the past 20 years ago when he undertakes a complicated emergency heart transplant by famous Dr Mehmet Oz. That doctor is mainly known due to his incredible television attribute and heart surgeon guru. Health statistics showcase that Sudhir Choudhrie had been struggling with heart conditions throughout his entire life. Nevertheless, they successfully received a new heart, particularly at the Columbia Medical Center based around New York City.

He has completely recovered and thrived for more than two decades since his transplant. That usual move has made him focus on giving back to society program and encouraging and motivating other populations struggling with heart conditions. He encourages people, specifically donors and those looking for transplant process, to resort to that great hospital. He also shares knowledge and experience regarding the transplant aspect, thus reducing ignorance and fear associated with the transplant process.

Sudhir Choudhrie has spent his entire life giving back to community’s projects, especially the healthcare sectors. Furthermore, he has published his exciting and inspiring book known as From My heart. This specific book discusses his life experiences and recently being interviewed at the Dr Oz Show. He attends a doctor’s show as his primary mission of giving back program and specialist who rejuvenated his life again. His family has heavily invested in the Dr Oz HealthCorps Corporation that boosts vulnerable people and treats prevailing conditions. He stated that he couldn’t estimate the price tag of life that was ushered to him, but he would focus on helping others suffering from the same issue. Sudhir Choudhrie, business guru, has over two billion dollars in fortunes and achieved 30 years’ experience growing and nurturing top-rated business empires such as the great TAJ hotel group and India Air Deccan.

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