Bhanu Choudhrie Discusses the Future of Businesses in the Post-Pandemic Era

The accomplished British-Indian entrepreneur and investor, Bhanu Choudhrie, has had lots of success in the aviation and hospitality industries. He is the founder of the C&C Alpha Group based in London and Alpha Aviation Group.

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in early 2020, the hospitality and the aviation industry were among the most affected as people cut down on travel and visiting public places. Bhanu leveraged his vast business experience to lead his enterprises to withstand the challenging times. Not so long ago, he came out to discuss the future of business in the post-pandemic era.

Optimistic for a prosperous future

Bhanu Choudhrie said that he was very optimistic for a prosperous future for businesses in all sectors. However, many industries will still be feeling the impact of the pandemic for many years to come. He pointed out that the best way any business could assure its success in the post-pandemic era was to adapt to the changes that have been witnessed in different sectors since the pandemic broke out.

The excelling businessman whose Alpha Aviation Group trains pilots said he was looking to set more pilot training schools closer to the students. This would mean that the students don’t have to travel as far for their training. Moreover, Bhanu Choudhrie said that his company would be taking more advantage of technology in its pilot training. This will also allow it to churn out exceptionally qualified pilots.

Collaborations are the future

According to Bhanu Choudhrie, collaborations in the business sector between enterprises and businesses and governments are the future. He mentioned that the pandemic was handled much swifter because governments and businesses collaborated to contain its spread. Additionally, the two collaborated to come up with vaccines. The Alpha Aviation founder said that it was his expectation that governments worldwide would continue to support the recovery of affected industries.

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