Chief Executive Officer Vik Bansal

Infrabuild is an Australian recycling company led by Vik Bansal, the director, and the Chief Executive Officer. Recently the recycling company announced its financial results, which they received with excitement; the results reflected an improvement in all economic measurement systems, and the results were strong. Vik compared the financial consequences of 2022 with that of 2021, with tremendous revenue growth. The growth did not just happen; instead, it was contributed by the strong leadership of Vik Bansal.

Vik Bansal joined Infrabuild in July 2021 after leading Cleanaway Company, Australia’s largest waste management organization. Vik served at Cleanaway for over six years as the Chief Executive Officer and was responsible for overseeing the firm’s management. Vik has not only performed in Australia, but his leadership skills are also recognized in other countries, including the United States and Asia. Having served for many years, Bansal gained vast experience and has used the knowledge and skills to manage Infrabuild. As the Chief Executive Officer of the recycling company, he finds better ways to work smarter. Vik is determined to work hard to take the company to heights, from being an excellent company to leading in the country.

Vik Bansal has taken his responsibility seriously. He is working to sharpen the company, rebranding and honing in on distributing quality products and services to its clients. Infrabuild is the only Australian vertically integrated electric-arc furnace steel maker and recycler. Infrabuild is well equipped in all its departments, including; processing, infrastructure, recycling, and distribution. After Vik Bansal took over the company’s leadership, he implemented a new operation model creating a competitive advantage.

Vik Bansal has served in the steel recycling company for less than two years and has brought changes not only in the organization but also in the industry. Working for Cleanaway, Bansal brought changes to the company and is now making changes in Infrabuild.

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