Don Manifold, A Renowned World Professional Advisor

Don Manifold is a renowned expert in offering advisory services on divestments, acquisitions, and mergers. He enrolled at Australian National University, Adelaide, to pursue a Bachelor of Science and later joined Harvard University to study advanced management programs.


Manifold started his career in Adelaide, Australia as a transaction advisory member in 1990. Having worked in different regions, including Melbourne, Sydney, and London, Don understands international restrictions and regulations.

Don has worked in retail, manufacturing, financial services, consumer goods, and agriculture. Currently, Don is the chair of Hybrid Ag, ADX Depot, and EC Carpets. He has three decades of experience in business, including more than ten years in transaction advisory and over twenty years in corporate finance.

Professional Accomplishments

Don Manifold founded an advisory firm to advise firms in the public and private sectors. Don Manifold Advisory, a global company with offices in Asia, Europe, and North America, provides services to governments, investors, and companies. The company specializes in valuations, strategic reviews, divestitures, mergers, acquisitions, and capital raising services.

Don Manifold has offered advisory services worth over $3 billion in more than 60 acquisitions, divestments, capital raising, and initial public offerings. Manifold has prepared over 50 reports and valuations worth $25 billion for companies. Don Manifold’s high-profile transactions include divestment of S. Kidman & Co in 2016, Adelaide bank acquisition, and ABB Grain acquisition. His expertise and unique business strategies have helped companies make huge transactions.

Manifold has more than two decades of experience offering financial advice to firms in Australia, Europe, and the US. He has worked with board members and top executives in big companies in both private and public sectors on all business aspects.

Besides, Manifold has authored more than 300 papers on international taxation and corporate finance, focusing on financial services, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.

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