DSI Reveals The Latest Cloud Inventory Platform

Data Systems International is among the best inventory control leaders in the market with the best solutions. It has now released another Cloud Inventory version. This solution helps distributors and manufacturers to manage and control inventory accurately in real-time.

Data Systems International has used Cloud Inventory to design a technology solution that improves strategies to inventory management when increasing compliance, revenue generation, inventory optimization, and productivity.

Cloud Inventory is a cloud-based, mobile-first solution that facilitates ventures to track inventory, assets, tools, consignment materials, and job site supplies. The platform renders user’s visibility into authenticity, state, and location of inventory throughout the supply chain whether in the field, transit, or warehouse.

DSI’s cloud solution’s capacity to render visibility and inventory control in real-time triggered increased revenue because ventures can respond to the demands of inventory management as they optimize their supply chain flow.

Effective inventory monitoring should not be toughened for the user because Cloud Inventory is meant to be accessed via mobile devices bearing an interface that has dashboards to supervise and better supply chain performance. DSI Global has approximately four decades of experience and is aware of adaptability benefits in a venture’s approach to controlling and tracking inventory.

Cloud Inventory’s design is based on a low-code and flexible platform that help users to combine the solutions with the software and adapt to the relevant processes as the venture evolves. Businesses can reconfigure the inventory management applications without altering the record systems, thereby improving agility and productivity.

Cloud Inventory is configurable and easy to implement across different industries including; distribution, construction, and engineering, manufacturing, medical devices, CPG, utilities, oil, and energy. Businesses in these industries will benefit from the increased real-time monitoring and visibility that the platform provides because every company has unique inventory management needs. In case of shifting demands, Cloud Inventory can be reconfigured to accommodate the specific needs as the industries evolve. Click here to learn more.


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