Haroldo Jacobovicz, the Brazilian Expert in Information Technology

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a Brazilian guru in the field of Information Technology. He has founded some of the best companies in this field, although he is a civil engineer by profession. Some of his ventures have received global recognition. Haroldo has extensive knowledge of the telecommunication industry in Brazil. He is the founder of Horizons Telecom.

According to Haroldo Jacobovicz, challenges in information technology will be solved through innovation and creativity. To accomplish this, he has a team of highly skilled and talented personnel. Over the years, Haroldo has dominated both the public and private sectors to provide sustainable fiber networks since 2010. To lead in the information technology industry, he has invested in the best equipment in the market.

The choice for Haroldo Jacobovicz to become a civil engineer was inspired by his parents, who were civil engineers. But later in his life, he discovered his passion for information technology because he loved transformational innovations. From the word go, he was interested in what is happening across the globe because he was always into the latest information technology magazines and newspapers. This exposure opened his eyes and mind to new ideas happening in other parts of the world. Haroldo started his entrepreneurship journey while in college when he co-founded Microsystem.

A productive day for Haroldo Jacobovicz starts with some physical exercises early in the morning. He mostly enjoys his lunchtime with some of his employees to get to understand them well. He believes having a relaxed chat helps you bond and create a stronger relationship with your employees. Apart from relaxing, the chats are beneficial because they bring new business ideas on board. Most of his ideas are usually inspired by whatever happens naturally in the surroundings. When he gets ideas, he always involves experts in that sector to have their professional advice. By doing this, he has avoided numerous shortcomings.

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