His Own Beat: Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt has always been a go-getter. He is the type that will try something new on a whim and see if it works. He has held a variety of positions over the years and has a varied amount of experience when it comes to being a business leader.

He took a couple of years off to travel the world and then was accepted to Columbia University where he studied law. Then he was noticed by Martha Stewart and his career took off. He was her legal eagle in the entertainment law arena. Now Blatt has moved on to different things.

Greg Blatt is the type of person who wants to take a look at something carefully and then figure out the best solution going forward. It is this drive and determination that got him where he is today. One of the businesses that greatly prospered under his touch was Match Group.

He was looking for a new challenge and he saw a company called Match.com. He was able to take the new company and make it more appealing to people in a new and different way. that is why it has become so popular over the years. It was due to his skill and influence.

After a few years, Greg Blatt came back and had the magic touch again with a company called Tinder. Lightning had struck twice and now it has become one of the most popular apps in the world. He was able to make a plan to get it out to people and see how good it really can be.

He gets an idea and goes for it. That is why he has become one of the most influential leaders in the modern business world today. He looks at things and figures out the best solution. See this page to learn more.


For more information, visit him on https://www.f6s.com/gregblatt


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