How Wes Edens Became the New Co-Owner of the Milwaukee Bucks

We take you through the acquisition and possession of the Milwaukee Bucks in today’s memory lane by Wes Edens. In 1985, Milwaukee Bucks was acquired and owned by Herb Kohl. His main aim for the acquisition was to establish the team and keep it in Wisconsin, hence spending approximately eighteen million dollars on it. During this time, the Milwaukee Bucks had created a name for themselves, and they were capable of taking part in the league.


The first five years of acquiring the Bucks by Herb Kohl was a successful five winning season. However, all these changed from 1992 when the Bucks became one of the worst teams in the NBA, especially during the eras of the Moncrief and Ray Allen-Sam Cassell-Glenn Robinson. However, despite the team’s failure, it never ceased to be competitive. After owning the team for several years, the thought of selling it to Michael Jordan crossed Herb Kohl’s mind; however, he later committed to keeping the team in Milwaukee.


In the year 2001, after the conference finals. It was declared that Milwaukee Bucks would not return for good 18 years. Furthermore, one of the best team players, Allen, was also traded to Seattle and replaced by Desmond Mason. Herb Kohl was always appreciated for keeping the team active and in Milwaukee despite the many losses. He could have sold the team for billions of dollars away from Milwaukee, but he felt obligated for the team to remain home, where he lives.


Herb Kohl’s team finally got a new owner, Wes Edens and Marc Lasry, willing to keep the team in Milwaukee. One of the groups owned by Wes Edens and Marc Lasry has since taken control of the Milwaukee Bucks. 

Even though Herb Kohl never got a chance to see the team’s championship, he got an opportunity to sell it to Wes Edens and Marc Lasry, who would keep the teams legacy and owners the request of the team’s fans always to keep it in Milwaukee.

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