Hussain Sajwani; The Exceptional Entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs are out there in the various industries, but a few can scale to Hussain Sajwani’s level. The Emirati national was born in 1956 to his mother and father who were already in business. Hussain Sajwani got inspiration from his family and thus specialized in Economics while at the University of Washington. He then proceeded to GASCO as a contacts manager and later to Abu Dhabi National Oil. After working for a short duration with these employers, he set up his business in 1982. The food service firm he set up grew largely attracting the US military, Bechtel and many more clients.

Apart from his initial business, Hussain Sajwani set up the DAMAC Properties in 2002 which has its headquarters based in Dubai. DAMAC Properties was meant to specialize in developing property around the Middle East and Dubai. DAMAC Properties has managed to grow into a global company with over 2000 employees and developing residential, commercial and luxury properties. DAMAC Properties has grown to a large public company where its shares are sold in the Dubai financial market. DAMAC Properties has built two golf courses for Donald Trump who is a close ally to Hussain Sajwani family. Their friendship can be traced from 2013 before Trump was a president. Despite Trump raising to power, the two families are still working together on the current project involving the Trump World Golf Course though under the children of Donald Trump. Trump had to reject a $2 billion business offer from Hussain Sajwani because of the conflict of office bearing in mind that Trump is now the president.

The Damac owner is estimated at $4.2 billion and has appeared on the list of the top 100 most influential Arabs on the continent. Hussain Sajwani is a man of charity who believes in the energy of the youths. He has thus committed himself to helping them financially and morally to his level best. The most recent notable program is his huge donation on Ramadhan which was aimed to facilitate the government of Dubai execute their child support programme.

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