Securus Technologies is Positive About the Future of Inmate Communications

The nation’s leader for providing civil and criminal justice advanced technology solutions has continued to create a positive atmosphere for both corrections agencies and those incarcerated. I recently looked into Securus Technologies to see exactly how their technology will help individuals on both sides of the incarceration world and I was overall impressed.

The company has discussed the future of their security services and inmate communications and will most likely reduce their prices for inmates among other additional features. They will make their products easier to use, create more products for inmates, provide addition video calling, improve job prospects for inmates and more. This is all to create much needed satisfactory among inmates and officers, helping to bring a much more positive vibe in these correctional facilities and I couldn’t agree more.

Richard A. Smith, the CEO and chairman of Securus Technologies said that “we have and will develop more products to save lives, prevent and solve crimes.” The company foresees that inmates will be able to use a Securus Technology provided device or their own devices once incarcerated and be able to communicate with an approved person. Their text messages, video chats, email messages and more will be monitored through their Securus Tech software. This will all be done in a safe and controlled way, so all parties involved will benefit. That means that all of the data the inmates have access to is safe, they’ll be able to research law libraries, check healthcare schedules and find jobs at a faster rate.


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