Madison Street Capital

The article “Madison Street Capital Announced as Winner of the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards” can be found at The article contained the announcement that on Monday November 13, 2017 Madison Street Capital was the winner of the Debt Financing Deal of the Year. They won for the WLR Automotive transaction. Madison Street Capital was chosen from 650 competing companies for the Annual M&A Advisor Award. The journalistic piece also provided a link to the list of all the winners for the M&A Advisor Awards. Presented within the editorial is a description of Madison Street Capital and its services as well as a link to their website and contact information. M&A Advisor likewise is enclosed providing an explanation of the company, how long they have been in business, and what they offer.


Madison Street Capital is a privately held company with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. They also have an office in Cummings, Georgia. Offices can also be found world wide one in Accra, Ghana, another in Haryana, India, and a further in West Bengal, India. Charles Botchway serves as CEO of the company and operates to ensure that both the local and global efforts of the company assist to create a better community.


Madison Street Capital although not a bank or lending institution is the front runner in corporate finance. They believe that honesty is best for the client and will tell the truth regardless of the consequences and do this by first reviewing and recognizing the client’s business mock up. Madison Street Capital offers private equity, mergers and acquisitions, business valuation services, advisory services, investment banks, corporate planning services, venture capital services, and capital. The company works both in the United States Industry Sectors as well as the International Industry Sectors. A few of the United States Industry Sectors include aviation.


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Dick Devos – article recap

Betsy and Dick Devos have had a tremendous impact in the state of Michigan and abroad as it relates to education and philanthropy. Betsy and Dick Devos are heirs to multiple family fortunes and have stopped at nothing to pay it forward. They are GOP mega-donors with great political influence. They also served as catalysts for major change in Michigan.


The Devos’ pet projects have always related to labor and education. They are most known for their influence in Republican politics. They are also well-known for their work on and support of conservative causes. The Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation (1989-2015) donated a reported $138.7 million to various leadership programs, churches, health and human services, arts and culture, and policy initiatives to aid in education reform and provision of scholarships to private schools. The couple also contributed $12.5 million to the construction of a $103 million children’s hospital named after Dick Devos’ mother Helen Devos.


The Devos’ philanthropy has not always been warmly received. In 2000, the Devos sponsored a constitutional amendment that would create tax-funded vouchers allowing students to attend private education. This gesture was rejected by the voters. In 2006 Dick Devos campaigned for governor against Jennifer Granholm, the then incumbent. The voters rejected this move also. Despite these setbacks, the Devos continued on with much success.


Betsy Devos has consistently pushed for the expansion of charter schools. President Donald Trump noticed her efforts and appointed Betsy Devos as United States Secretary of Education. Trump found Betsy’s advocacy for the choice program persuasive in his decision to appoint. However, a debate then ensued over the appointment, school choice programs, and traditional public school systems. Nevertheless, she was confirmed by the United States Senate.


Dick Devos engineered a 2012 law converting Michigan from its original status as an organized labor state to a right-to-work state. However, Dick Devos’ efforts in Michigan started many years prior. Dick Devos was working in Amway Corp, his family’s company, and on the track to be CEO, when he heard about the 199l planned construction of a multi-purpose sports and convention arena. He straightaway began lobbying against it over the phone ( You see Dick Devos was very familiar with the devastation that could result from this plan as he reflected on the aftermath seen in Detroit when the Lions and Pistons left Detroit in the 70s. Dick Devos has always advocated healthy change in Michigan.


Dick Devos campaigning against that arena led to the formation of Grand Action. Grand Action was composed of a group of business leaders who were behind many constructions. These prominent constructions were Michigan State University Medical School, Devos Performance Hall, Grand Rapids City Market, Van Andel Arena, and the Devos Place Convention Center. This reportedly changed the Grand Rapids skyline. He also raised $130 million dollars for the Grand Action. Dick Devos also pioneered the West Michigan Aviation Academy where students attend tuition free. He is currently appointed to the prestigious Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council.


The U.S. Money Reserve – An Option To Investing

The US Money Reserve announced a special conference to be held in Austin Texas at an unidentified location. This was announced to the likely interested participants as the Emergency Gold Conference. It was an invitation-only event and to be led by Phillip N. Diehl, the U.S. Money Reserve President.

The issues to be addressed included cyberattacks, global terrorism, the national debt crisis, unstable world leadership, and the repercussion of the previous financial crisis .Also expected to be revealed was the new U. S. Gold Report by Diehl, which would state the best reasons for individuals to buy their own gold. Diehl previously was a U.S. Mint director, and the report was influenced by his own experiences, and addressed both international and domestic issues.

One main objective of the U.S. Money Reserve is to educate the public on this alternate method of protecting their wealth. Traditionally since the 1700’s, precious metals have een used by many generations of Americans as a form of portable wealth and a way to protect their lifetime savings against economic volatility. This is both an affordable and easy way for Americans to store precious metals privately in their homes safely and out of the banking system. Established in 2001, the U.S. Money Reserve is one of the major private distributors of American government-issued platinum, gold, and silver products.

Based in Austin, Texas, the specially trained team at the U.S. Money Reserve is composed of professionals in coin research and numismatics. This staff is particularly knowledgeable regarding the market for the location of products sought by precious metal buyers. These buyers comprise all levels of economic classes and knowledge and experience in regards to dealing in the precious metals market. The purchases most often made are in the form of U.S. silver and gold coins.

The U.S. Money Reserve is widely recognized for its excellent customer service and establishment of long-term relationships with each individual in its vast customer base of over 400,000 individuals Philip N. Diehl is recognized as one of the U.S. Mint’s most accomplished directors. He is well known as a highly regarded and reputable authority for the precious metals market, and the current active president of a major global private distributor of government-issued platinum, silver, gold, and silver legal tender products, . Diehl has been quoted in numerous major business journals and newspapers such as Forbes, CNBC, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and The Washington Post.

Securus Technologies is Positive About the Future of Inmate Communications

The nation’s leader for providing civil and criminal justice advanced technology solutions has continued to create a positive atmosphere for both corrections agencies and those incarcerated. I recently looked into Securus Technologies to see exactly how their technology will help individuals on both sides of the incarceration world and I was overall impressed.

The company has discussed the future of their security services and inmate communications and will most likely reduce their prices for inmates among other additional features. They will make their products easier to use, create more products for inmates, provide addition video calling, improve job prospects for inmates and more. This is all to create much needed satisfactory among inmates and officers, helping to bring a much more positive vibe in these correctional facilities and I couldn’t agree more.

Richard A. Smith, the CEO and chairman of Securus Technologies said that “we have and will develop more products to save lives, prevent and solve crimes.” The company foresees that inmates will be able to use a Securus Technology provided device or their own devices once incarcerated and be able to communicate with an approved person. Their text messages, video chats, email messages and more will be monitored through their Securus Tech software. This will all be done in a safe and controlled way, so all parties involved will benefit. That means that all of the data the inmates have access to is safe, they’ll be able to research law libraries, check healthcare schedules and find jobs at a faster rate.


Sussex Healthcare – Specializing In Audiology

Those that desire to be in the specialized field of audiology must complete significant training to be considered for these important job positions. More individuals than ever before are experiencing notable hearing loss problems. This is largely due to the country’s growing senior population. Risks related to hearing loss do increase each year that a person over 70 lives.

With 1 in 5-6 people developing some form of hearing loss, it is not a surprise that revered Sussex Healthcare got involved with these much needed audiology related services. Sussex Healthcare also trains employees on how to spot the common signs of hearing loss.

It is quite complicated to truly understand the hearing process in human beings. Audiology experts have studied these processes in great detail. Researchers used advanced technologies to create a very effective medical device perfectly built to mimic the hearing steps that people never notice. Extra teeny electronic equipment is programmed to sense sometimes very small vibrations. These small electronic pieces are made to decipher these vibrations and turn them into body sensed nerve impulses. The small cochlea is highly instrumental in these critical hearing steps. The snail shaped ear structure is found inside the inner ear. The translated nerve impulses result in an efficiently sent message that the brain receives via its hearing center. This is what makes up the hearing process in a broad description.


Sussex Healthcare is fully invested in their goal mission statement that promises to deliver care in the best method available. The patients all have a right to comprehensive care delivered in a personalized manner. Each special patient is treated always with the greatest respect. This healthcare provider doesn’t tolerate any lack of respect from their loyal employees. The decision to specialize in audiology came easily to Sussex Healthcare leaders. It seemed an appropriate service addition since many patients have been diagnosed with hearing issues.

Audiology is a booming field that has seen many major advances in only a few years time. This healthcare field is expected to grow, and audiology services will continue to expand as the aging population becomes even older. Audiologists can accurately perform patient hearing tests according to They will decipher what the tests have revealed. Lastly, these hearing professionals alerts the rest of Sussex Healthcare’s team to find a perfect solution for each patient that is tested. Audiologists can pick up on tinnitus and other inner ear imbalances also.

Jeremy Goldstein Offers Insights On How Knockout Options Can Benefit Employers

According to Jeremy Goldstein, many companies are not issuing employees with stock options. A number of companies pursue this strategy with the objective of minimizing operational costs. Notably, firms stopped issuing stock options because of three major issues. The first major problem is that the stock value may drop considerably, challenging the staff to exercise their options. Companies that offer stock options are required to report the associated expenses. Additionally, stockholders can be faced with option overhang.

The second concern is that presently, many employees are wary of the compensation method. They understand that economic downturns regularly render options worthless. Thirdly, options generate significant accounting burdens. The associated costs may exceed the financial advantage of such derivatives. Employees do not always consider benefit of options as valuable as the big salaries.

Nevertheless, the compensation method has its advantages. It is still preferable as compared to better insurance coverage or additional wages. It is easier for employees to comprehend how stock options work. They offer equivalent value to the entire staff. Moreover, options enhance personal earning if a company’s share value rises. Employees will be motivated to redouble their efforts to satisfy the utility of existing customers, attract desirable customers and create innovative services.

Some Internal Revenue Service rules make it difficult for companies to offer employees with equities. Corporations may face greater tax burdens when they issue shares instead of options.

To this end, if a company opts to provide its staff with stock options, it can gain several benefits and avoid extra costs by adopting the correct strategy. A company must take the necessary measures to limit overhangs as well as initial and ongoing expenses. The best option is to use a Knockout strategy, a stock option that has the same limits and vesting requirements similar to their conventional counterparts. However, employees can lose them if the share values lowers beyond a specific amount.


About Jeremy Goldstein

He is a partner at a boutique law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The firm provides CEOs, management teams, corporations and compensation committees with insights on corporate governance and compensation. While offering his advice, Goldstein focuses on transformative corporate events along with sensitive issues.

Previously, Jeremy Goldstein rendered his services for Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz as a partner. In the last ten years, he has engaged in some of the largest corporate transactions such as the United Technologies’ acquisition of Goodrich. He holds a Juris Doctor from the New York University School of Law. He also holds a BA degree from the esteemed Cornell University.


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Mike Baur- Founder of Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a co-founding member of Swiss Startup Factory. He started the startup’s company alongside his friend Max Meister. Swiss Startup Factory is meant to help digital entrepreneurs develop their ideas into tangible businesses. The firm accomplishes this goal through a 3-month accelerator program that they run twice every year. Startups entrepreneurs enroll for the program, in which they are taken through training and mentorship on how to market their products and creating a customer base for their products.


Swiss Startup Factory was founded in 2014 to help young startup owners. Through their three-month incubator program, they are able to provide helpful mentorship and training services to the young business owners. The incubator program does not end there like many others out there do. They also fund startup ideas which are promising. After funding, there is only one thing left that is, the implementation of the business ideas.


Mike Baur through the firm provides rent-free offices in Zurich for the implementation of the business ideas. Each participant is assured of 3 months support in laying the foundation of their businesses. Business owners are taught how to market their products to the global market. They are also offered an opportunity to meet successful business owners, especially in the tech industry. By the end of the program, every participant comes out with knowledge on how to source for investors for funding purposes. Every participant also comes out knowing that he or she is equipped with the right knowledge to run a successful business venture. With the education that is offered at the incubator, there is a likelihood that business owners will realize long-term success.


Swiss Startup Factory encourages participants of their incubator program to consider participating in pitching contests. Mike Baur as a big player in the startups business was part of a pitching contest in 2014 as a juror. The competition is dubbed START Summitter. It happens at the Swiss University. In the competition, 30m entrepreneurs are offered an opportunity to present their products or business models plans and models to a panel which then picks the best business ideas. The business ideas need to be worth less than $1 million. The winner of the competition usually attracts substantial investors into his or her idea. The inclusion of Mike Baur in the program has helped the Swiss Startup Factory name grow in the startup’s industry. In the short period that the firm has been in operation, it has mentored numerous young entrepreneurs.


Technology for the Justice System with Securus

There are quite a few companies out there researching and providing the world with new technology. The innovation in different aspects of the world has made big progress in the last decade. Justice – civil and criminal is no different. It requires quite a sophisticated level of technology and innovative solutions.

Securus is one such company currently working with around 2600 different correctional places around the United States.

Innovation in Communication

The company provides public safety solutions. They provide law enforcement with new technology to help to solve crimes easier. They also work on technology that can operate with preventing crimes in the first place.

The technology works with communication, public information during investigations, biometric analysis, and inmate self-service.

They want to find ways inmates can communicate to individuals approved by the system. All data will be recorded, but inmates will be able to text, email or call with money already on their accounts.

It will allow them access to education resources, legal help, and even job search. It would all have to be on a central platform Securus is working on.

Mobile technology is so advanced that limiting this communication to certain vetted individuals should not be a problem.

It would work as an excellent stimulus for inmates to seek out proper communication. It would give the prisoners access to books, video, religious texts as well as visitation possibilities, rules in their correctional facility and access to healthcare resources.

Social Interaction for Crime Prevention

Proper social interaction is crucial in the prison system since the system itself is unforgiving. Not everyone has your best interests at heart, and that can be quite soul-destroying. It is also a very lonely existence, so this kind of database would make it easier for the inmates.

Proper social interaction and education also would decrease the number of people returning to prison after their release, easing the financial burden on the system.

The company was launched in 1986 in Texas and currently has about 1000 people on the payroll. They look for new opportunities to design technology that works for the public and the justice system.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Portrait In Success, But Can He Continue Hot Streak?

Over the last 65 years, Bradesco has risen from a tiny local bank in the town of Marilia to become one of the two most important financial institutions in the country of Brazil. Incredibly, one man has been there for the better part of that ride to the top.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been with the company nearly since its inception. Starting out as a bank teller for the firm in 1959, he has risen through the ranks, as Bradesco itself rose through the ranks of the Brazilian financial sector. Today, both Bradesco and Trabuco have arrived at the absolute top of the Brazilian banking game. The question is, will Trabuco be able to continue his seemingly endless string of successes, now that he and his firm have reached the top?

A Brazilian Horatio Alger story

In an increasingly globalized world, where there are clear winners and losers and few cross from one category to the other, it is amazing to learn of someone who rose from poverty to the heights of power the old fashioned way, through hard work and promotion. But the story of Luiz Carlos Trabuco is precisely that. It didn’t take long for Trabuco’s superiors to notice that he had a way with customers and an easy aptitude for learning new positions. By 1960, within his first year of being hired on with Bradesco, at that time a small-town regional bank with a few branches, he was already moving up the ranks. That year, he was given his first small management role, leading a small team of tellers.


By the 1970s, he was working in the financial planning division of the bank, making million-dollar decisions on behalf of clients and the firm. In 1992, Trabuco was given his first executive role. He was appointed president of Bradesco’s financial planning business. By this time, Bradesco was rapidly expanding and had become a major player in banking and financial services across Brazil. Trabuco saw the financial planning division as a major source of growth, which at that time only accounted for a few percent of the company’s total profits. By 2003, Trabuco had converted it into one of the largest financial planning businesses in the country, accounting for over 25 percent of Bradesco’s total profits.

His superiors, again, liked what they saw. Bradesco was promoted to the presidency of the corporation’s large and lucrative insurance division in 2003. Trabuco was again able to use his extensive knowledge of the business and strong leadership to drive serious growth in the business. By, 2009, Bradesco had grown into the single largest underwriter of consumer insurance policies in the country. It was at this time that the CEO of Bradesco, Mario Cypriano, was facing mandatory retirement due to his approaching 65 years of age. Trabuco, by this time, had become the obvious choice for Cypriano’s replacement.

In 2009, Trabuco took over at the helm of Bradesco, now the second-largest banking services conglomerate in Brazil. But this time, he inherited a more challenging role. The environment of easy growth that had shot Bradesco to national prominence in the 90s and 2000s had completely changed. There were no longer many good targets for acquisition and the stagnant Brazilian economy meant that there was not much opportunity for organic growth in banking demand. Over his first six years of leading the firm, Trabuco struggled to grow the company. On the other hand, he managed to avoid losses in an admittedly tough banking market, where many of Bradesco’s competitors were getting killed.

But in 2015, Trabuco saw an opportunity to make one of the biggest acquisitions in its history. HSBC Brazil had been losing money for years, and HSBC wanted out. Trabuco approached them with a $5.2 million, all cash offer, and it was quickly accepted. This instantly put Bradesco on top of the Brazilian banking industry by a number of metrics.

Going forward, the question will be whether or not Trabuco can continue growing the firm and staying on top. If his record is any guide, it’s a good bet he can.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,luiz-carlos-trabuco-cappi-e-lucilia-diniz-ofereceram-jantar-em-torno-do-prefeito-joao-doria-e-sua-mulher-bia-nos-jardins,30901

Affordable and Innovative Video Marketing Services

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