E.T. “Headphone” Home!


Are you in need of new good headphones? Did the old pair have a shortage on the left or right side? Perhaps, you just want to buy a better pair of phones because the music is too low in your current earbuds. If so, you cannot go wrong with these brands. Some of the best headphones to buy include the Monster Beats By Dr. Dre, Bose and the Panasonic headphone brands. Let’s start with the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre brand.

Monster’s insanely popular Beats By Dr. Dre brand has taken the world by storm. Since its availability back in 2008, the headphones have been selling like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album was in the 1980s. Not only is the headphone brand popular, it is known for its superior sound and futuristic design. Next, is Bose. Despite having over 50 years in the business, Bose is known around the world for its top of the line audio quality. Its pristine headphones have changed the way we listen, socially. It is almost as if they have how to make headphones down to a science.

Next, is Panasonic. Within the electronics industry, Panasonic is regarded as one of the greatest camera companies to ever do it. For decades, they have entered our lives with TVs, CD players, etc. With that being said, Panasonic is renowned for their quality products.