Securus Technologies is Positive About the Future of Inmate Communications

The nation’s leader for providing civil and criminal justice advanced technology solutions has continued to create a positive atmosphere for both corrections agencies and those incarcerated. I recently looked into Securus Technologies to see exactly how their technology will help individuals on both sides of the incarceration world and I was overall impressed.

The company has discussed the future of their security services and inmate communications and will most likely reduce their prices for inmates among other additional features. They will make their products easier to use, create more products for inmates, provide addition video calling, improve job prospects for inmates and more. This is all to create much needed satisfactory among inmates and officers, helping to bring a much more positive vibe in these correctional facilities and I couldn’t agree more.

Richard A. Smith, the CEO and chairman of Securus Technologies said that “we have and will develop more products to save lives, prevent and solve crimes.” The company foresees that inmates will be able to use a Securus Technology provided device or their own devices once incarcerated and be able to communicate with an approved person. Their text messages, video chats, email messages and more will be monitored through their Securus Tech software. This will all be done in a safe and controlled way, so all parties involved will benefit. That means that all of the data the inmates have access to is safe, they’ll be able to research law libraries, check healthcare schedules and find jobs at a faster rate.


Technology for the Justice System with Securus

There are quite a few companies out there researching and providing the world with new technology. The innovation in different aspects of the world has made big progress in the last decade. Justice – civil and criminal is no different. It requires quite a sophisticated level of technology and innovative solutions.

Securus is one such company currently working with around 2600 different correctional places around the United States.

Innovation in Communication

The company provides public safety solutions. They provide law enforcement with new technology to help to solve crimes easier. They also work on technology that can operate with preventing crimes in the first place.

The technology works with communication, public information during investigations, biometric analysis, and inmate self-service.

They want to find ways inmates can communicate to individuals approved by the system. All data will be recorded, but inmates will be able to text, email or call with money already on their accounts.

It will allow them access to education resources, legal help, and even job search. It would all have to be on a central platform Securus is working on.

Mobile technology is so advanced that limiting this communication to certain vetted individuals should not be a problem.

It would work as an excellent stimulus for inmates to seek out proper communication. It would give the prisoners access to books, video, religious texts as well as visitation possibilities, rules in their correctional facility and access to healthcare resources.

Social Interaction for Crime Prevention

Proper social interaction is crucial in the prison system since the system itself is unforgiving. Not everyone has your best interests at heart, and that can be quite soul-destroying. It is also a very lonely existence, so this kind of database would make it easier for the inmates.

Proper social interaction and education also would decrease the number of people returning to prison after their release, easing the financial burden on the system.

The company was launched in 1986 in Texas and currently has about 1000 people on the payroll. They look for new opportunities to design technology that works for the public and the justice system.