Dick Devos – article recap

Betsy and Dick Devos have had a tremendous impact in the state of Michigan and abroad as it relates to education and philanthropy. Betsy and Dick Devos are heirs to multiple family fortunes and have stopped at nothing to pay it forward. They are GOP mega-donors with great political influence. They also served as catalysts for major change in Michigan.


The Devos’ pet projects have always related to labor and education. They are most known for their influence in Republican politics. They are also well-known for their work on and support of conservative causes. The Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation (1989-2015) donated a reported $138.7 million to various leadership programs, churches, health and human services, arts and culture, and policy initiatives to aid in education reform and provision of scholarships to private schools. The couple also contributed $12.5 million to the construction of a $103 million children’s hospital named after Dick Devos’ mother Helen Devos.


The Devos’ philanthropy has not always been warmly received. In 2000, the Devos sponsored a constitutional amendment that would create tax-funded vouchers allowing students to attend private education. This gesture was rejected by the voters. In 2006 Dick Devos campaigned for governor against Jennifer Granholm, the then incumbent. The voters rejected this move also. Despite these setbacks, the Devos continued on with much success.


Betsy Devos has consistently pushed for the expansion of charter schools. President Donald Trump noticed her efforts and appointed Betsy Devos as United States Secretary of Education. Trump found Betsy’s advocacy for the choice program persuasive in his decision to appoint. However, a debate then ensued over the appointment, school choice programs, and traditional public school systems. Nevertheless, she was confirmed by the United States Senate.


Dick Devos engineered a 2012 law converting Michigan from its original status as an organized labor state to a right-to-work state. However, Dick Devos’ efforts in Michigan started many years prior. Dick Devos was working in Amway Corp, his family’s company, and on the track to be CEO, when he heard about the 199l planned construction of a multi-purpose sports and convention arena. He straightaway began lobbying against it over the phone (http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/topic/excellence_in_philanthropy/interview_with_betsy_devos). You see Dick Devos was very familiar with the devastation that could result from this plan as he reflected on the aftermath seen in Detroit when the Lions and Pistons left Detroit in the 70s. Dick Devos has always advocated healthy change in Michigan.


Dick Devos campaigning against that arena led to the formation of Grand Action. Grand Action was composed of a group of business leaders who were behind many constructions. These prominent constructions were Michigan State University Medical School, Devos Performance Hall, Grand Rapids City Market, Van Andel Arena, and the Devos Place Convention Center. This reportedly changed the Grand Rapids skyline. He also raised $130 million dollars for the Grand Action. Dick Devos also pioneered the West Michigan Aviation Academy where students attend tuition free. He is currently appointed to the prestigious Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council.


Richard Mishaan Fills His Home With Art

His Creative Side Shows Off

Richard Mishaan is one of the most prominent interior designers in New York City. Naturally, people are curious about what he puts in his home and how he decides to design things in his home. Thankfully, they’ll be happy to find out that he is an avid believer in the use of art to stylize his home. Colombian born and raised, it’s clear that his background has has an impact on the way he puts the art around his home. Nevertheless, we can all enjoy it for what it’s worth.



The Artist And Businessman

His career has spanned more than 20 years and it’s obvious looking back that his ability to create beautiful art simply is unparalleled in the world of interior design. He is a strong believer in individuality and he does just abut everything he can to make sure that he is able to get what he wants out of his work. Naturally, this means that when it came time to design his own home he was not hesitant to create something that accurately reflected his creativity and style.



About Richard Mishaan

Richard Mishaan is a Colombian interior designer living in New York City. His work in the interior design business has made him both successful and critically acclaimed for the way he manages to combine both artistic ambition and the desire to make things that his clients will enjoy. There are few out there who can possibly say that they have experienced a similar level of creativity and there are few out there who even attempt to do what he has done in his business, Richard Mishaan Design. There are people who have tried to match his efforts, but none have managed to do what he does at the same level.