Insurance Office of America Founder John Ritenour

IOA is an insurance-based company that John Ritenour founded. The company covers insurance for the sports industry and is the 25th largest insurance agency. Heath Ritenour is the current CEO and chairman of the company. The role was passed on by his father, who intended to build a family legacy. John Ritenour’s hard work and determination promoted his success in the startup of the insurance company. John Ritenour’s personal values drive the achievement of company goals. These values include holding clients at a high value while not changing available commissions. The sale of insurance door-to-door motivated John Ritenour to start his own insurance business. He acts as the mentor and guide to his son, Heath Ritenour. Understanding what insurance is all about is the key to thriving in business. IOA is widely committed to personalized care, which lenders its partnership with sports teams. Adequate knowledge related to groups promotes the need to secure insurance services. IOA is mainly driven by the notion of educating customers about the risk. They are, in turn, left with the decision to choose between self-insuring or not.

John Ritenour denotes that it’s worth being a risk manager rather than a salesperson. It means working to give the kind of attention that partnering teams require covering their liability. John and Heath partnering in the insurance business has promoted its growth through increased customers. IOA’s motto of “Never sell, Never go public characterizes its clients and producers as the primary focus.

Awards such as Entrepreneur of the Year and Success Award for Business Achievement were endorsed to John Ritenour during his career. The door-to-door sale of insurance by John Ritenour motivated him to offer insurance coverage to sports teams.

His partnership with Heath Ritenour has resulted in advanced growth in this insurance industry. Despite the company being hit by such factors as Covid, the company has thrived in operations. Insurance Office of America’s success is highly linked to John Ritenour’s mentorship to his son.

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