Jake Medwell discusses President Biden’s tax and infrastructural plans

Jake Medwell, the founding partner of 8VC, is a corporate genius with incredible leadership and growth skills. The serial entrepreneur has spent a major part of his life building companies and scaling them. Most recently, Jake Medwell cofounded Operations Mask with one Drew Oetting to help provide medical workers with personal protective equipment, because they are at the front line fighting against Covid 19.

There are various companies that Jake Medwell has cofounded, apart from Operations Mask. They include:

  • 8VC
  • Humin
  • Kiaros
  • Sole Bicycle Co.

Jake recently sat down for a Q/A session about infrastructure legislation in the State of Washington, with Loren A. Smith Jr., the President of the firm known as Skyline Policy Risk Group.

The main topic of discussion was the tax plan and big infrastructure that President Biden and Congress were discussing. One of the questions that Jake was asked was whether people could expect to see an increase in spending to boost infrastructure.

He explained that the Biden plan aimed at less than 10 % of the bridges and roads package. Jake added that the Biden administration and the Congress Democrats wanted to pair human infrastructure to physical infrastructure. The human infrastructure in this case consisted of social support programs in education, health care, and other related priorities.

Another interesting question that Jake received was what types of policy changes should people be on the lookout for in the infrastructure bill, other than taxes and spending.

Jake Medwell answered that there were no significant policy changes in 2021. The no policy change was a result of the democrats handling the infrastructure bill alone.

Learn more about Medwell: https://medium.com/@jakemedwell/about

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