Jason Hope, the Internet Entrepreneur

Climate change has become a major concern in most parts of the world. Debates on how climate change has continued to rage worldwide have been crucial in most international meetings. It has also caused fires and irreversible destruction in some of the countries such as Australia. This has resulted in the importance of monitoring unpopulated areas and areas hard-hit by change of climate. After a lot of consideration, Jason Hope’s idea to curb the effects of climate change purely lies in technology. Being a renowned internet entrepreneur, he recommends the Internet of Things. However, climate change being a major concern, most of the fires and damages on untouched areas are a result of human errors.


Jason Hope


Internet of Things can be helpful when it comes to tracking and data analysis of events that are deliberately caused and those as a result of climate change. According to Jason Hope, the Internet of Things has the capability of collecting the data and passing it. This aspect can help us learn how to prevent natural disasters. The Internet of Things has been widely embraced, with more than 10 billion devices being in use; however, its demand is expected to grow in the coming years. This initiative by Jason Hope can help save the environment and fight against climate change. With this technology, fires in the Amazon can be prevented and slow the damages caused by climate change.


Instant Detect 2.0 is a monitoring system that was developed by the zoological society of London. According to Jason Hope, the key purpose of this system is to monitor human and animal activities in most unprotected areas. Instant Detect 2.0 device and platform can also be helpful in detecting potential hazards. It is widely used in wildlife conservancy when it comes to monitoring and tracking poachers. Jason Hope points out that the system is equipped with camouflaged cameras and radio transmission systems; this makes it hard to notice its installation. Instant Detect 2.0 also works best, even in heavily forested places. The system is also unique in a way since different systems can be monitored from one base station.

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