John Ritenour Founder Of Insurance America And Insurance Types Offered

John Ritenour and his family established the Insurance Office of America. They build the company intending to provide widespread and comprehensive insurance options to their consumers, ranging from personal to business needs.IOA’s work involves working with businesses of all sizes, whether family retained, two-person office, or a well-known multi-office corporation. When John Ritenour retired, he trusted his son Heath with the responsibility of running the company. Under the leadership of John and Heath Ritenour as CEO, the company deals with more than three dozen diverse types of insurance coverage.

Customers wanting services from IOA are assured of getting different types of services. Since IOA has several varying insurance policies, clients can purchase from. Property insurance covers all losses that clients’ homes, Condos, artificial homes, single-family homes, and holiday homes tend to face. Whether the risk happens to contents inside the house or something happened to the customer’s home. Customers who were applying for IOA property insurance benefited. As the company handles flood insurance, it is excluded from the standard homeowner policies.

Insurance Office of America, founded by John Ritenour, also offers Vehicle Insurance. The Vehicle Insurance coverage covered the client’s van, boat, motorcycle, fun vehicle, and lorry. The company protects client’s loss from essentially liability coverage, total crush, and wide-ranging coverage.

IOA policy was to protect their customer from loss if the engine could operate on-road or water. The firm also provides individual insurance like life insurance and additional policies for valuable items for individuals not covered in homeowner policies. These items are things like jewelry, artwork, antiques, and sterling silver.

Different industries, including agriculture, aviation, construction, and equine business, have specific insurance needs that IOA offers them. Workers’ compensation is one of the issue. IOA provides industries that enter into a contract with them an insurance policy that protects business owners and employees from various injuries that they will face while performing assigned duties.

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