Jonas Lauren Norr Successful Career

Crest and San Francisco-based Ethos Real Assets have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form a partnership to co-develop critical technology ecologies that will produce private equity remedies to advance and address heritage enterprises and facilities in both industrialized and developing economies. Ethos Real Assets is an investment company developing future-focused properties that provide and sustain the most essential and pertinent technologies to enduring businesses. Ethos Real Assets strives to demonstrate enterprise models in which social effect and investment value are not mutually exclusive by delivering maximum social results at the center of every effort it undertakes.

The pioneer of Ethos Real Assets, Jonas Lauren Norr, is always at the center of Silicon Valley’s technical advancement for years. He aims to use the resources made available by enterprise facilities and adapted science to support new technologies that will have a positive social effect and power future innovation ecosystems.

By leveraging cutting-edge solutions provided by intelligent machines, robotic systems, science, and Biosystems, the Partnership will aim for technological capabilities that convey implications while tackling the most urgent effectiveness issues for critical sectors, including Natural Resources, Agricultural production, Power, and Healthcare. The joint venture aims to provide a ground-breaking substitute for venture funding for technology aspects beyond the busiest leading technology centers.

According to the Memorandum of understanding, Crest is supposed to give 4,000,000 ordinary stocks to Ethos Real Assets in exchange for that company’s exclusive right to the source, oversee, and coordinate technological capabilities, incubation tasks, and community resources and stockholders for the Partnership’s delivery of strategies on locations that Crest will support.

Jonas Lauren Norr had 500,000 stock options that were convertible at $0.065 per unit until June 1, 2025, before being appointed to Crest’s management board. The Agreement proposes that Jonas Lauren Norr acquire 4,000,000 ordinary firm shares from Ethos Real Assets, which he founded. Crest Inc. is a public corporation. Acquisitions, research, and assessment of natural assets in Canada, Australia, and Peru, as well as investments in mineral extraction firms and deserving extraction techniques, constitute the company’s main business activities.

In the deal, Garry Stock, a chairman of both the Firm and mine, will get 705,885 ordinary shares of the Firm. In contractual arrangements, the Firm has arrangements to transfer 1,038,300 common stock of Mariner Resources Corp. owned by the Firm to specific buyers for a value of $0.12 each. In 2020, the deals were anticipated to be finalized in November or December.

This press statement includes several forward-looking remarks that refer to potential future developments and performances and are based on recent executive management and hypotheses. These forward comments are built on speculations made and information currently available to the Firm and represent the company’s core views.

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