Learn More About Qnet’s Opportunity For Budding Entrepreneurs

A direct selling company, like Qnet, can create opportunities for so many people. Traditional companies manufacture products and them sell them to distributors. The distributor sells the products to a wholesaler, who in turn sells them to retail stores. The retail stores then sell directly to consumers and everyone in the chain makes a profit, so the total cost to the consumer is high enough so everyone makes money.

Qnet is different. Their products are not sold in retail stores, but by independent representatives who get them directly from Qnet. This eliminates layers in the supply chain, allowing the company to produce high-quality products that consumers can afford. Qnet’s business model also allows independent representatives to explain the benefits of the company’s wellness products, holidays, technology and more.

For people who want to be an entrepreneur, but have little money to start a business, Qnet represents the perfect opportunity. It takes an investment in time, but the company offers budding entrepreneurs training and resources to help them succeed if they work hard.

Qnet is India’s leading direct selling company. They are offering self-employment opportunities to people who might otherwise have a difficult time supporting their families. Both men and women have an equal opportunity to succeed since there the company offers such a wide range of products. In Asia. where traditional forms of employment are drying up, Qnet offers opportunities. By 2025, India expects 18 million of their people to be self-employed as independent distributers for a direct selling company.

They employ the RHYTHM philosophy, that translates to (Raise Yourself to Help Mankind), in which all the Qnet employees get required to contribute towards charity missions. The money collected goes to Taarana, a school for children with special needs where their education gets supported with special programs. Also, with the partnership with Rashid Paediatric Centre, young disabled youths are educated.

Qnet is based in Hong Kong, but they maintain offices in over 25 countries. The company has independent representatives in 100 countries earning commissions and making a living from commissions. Not only do these people have a chance to make money as a business owner, they gain self-confidence, networking skills, time management skills and more.  Read more about Qnet, here.


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