Life And Times Of Pam Baer The Great Philanthropist

Pam Baer is a great philanthropist with an unmatched passion for helping the vulnerable on health matters, and any other possible support. Her childhood dream of helping others came calling when her son received an unwavering concern at the San Francisco General Hospital when he got involved in an accident.

The excellent service and lifesaving care received from the General hospital during her son’s treatment inspired her to follow her heart’s calling of helping the vulnerable especially on health issues. She then decided to join the hospital’s foundation where she served on the board of Directors until 2018 when she was named the Hospital’s first Lifetime Board Director. She has served the SFGH Foundation to date, and has helped raise above 250 Million USD and still going.

Pam Baer has collaborated with many organizations including the Hearts in San Francisco Project, a highly anticipated event for supporting the local artists. The initiative displays an array of heart sculptures designed by the artists of Bay area. The sales made from the sculptures that represents San Francisco’s’ residents’ love for the hospital are channeled to the SFGH Foundation. Pamela Baer admits that she loves Art as it always gives her a renewed appreciation, hope, and inspiration. Pam appreciates the support she gets from her husband, Larry Baer, her best friend and father to her four children. Daily preparation has always been the top secret to Pam’s great organizational skills and endurance.

Pam reveals that she ritually begins each morning with an alert meditation and a cup of coffee. She then reads a few and pages of the New York Times before taking hikes on the local trail. This helps her relax her headspace, and allows her to prepare herself for whatever the day decides to bring her way. The habit of spending time outside daily helps inspire her and maintain an optimal health, and Pam admits that she is committed to continue with the practice. As a lover of nature, she advises people to stay outside more often, walk, hike, and even run as the practice bring great benefits to both the mental and the physical health. Visit this page for more information.


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