The Mirabaud Group was founded in 1819. He opened his first office at Rue de la Paix in Paris. After a while, he established his headquarters in Geneve, Switzerland. By 1880, Mirabaud had expanded throughout Europe, and in 1899 it became one of the first stockholders of the Crédit Lyonnais.

A year later, the company began issuing savings banknotes, which eventually led to the establishment of the Banque Internationale à Luxembourg. Later on, the global holding company of the Bank, Société Générale, acquired the majority shareholding. The company has subsidiaries located in France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The idea for establishing a bank was born after Napoleon Bonaparte ordered his soldiers to withdraw money from the banks they were using during their military campaign. After returning from the campaign with vast money, he needed a safe place to keep them. To avoid any losses, Mirabaud decided to establish a new bank independent of other financial institutions and provide him with a reliable source of funds.

As a result, the Bank of Geneva was established in 1819. The Mirabaud Group is an international banking and finance group headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It was formed after the merger between the Swiss Bank Corporation and the Societe Generale de Surveillance et d’Investissement. The Mirabaud company has branches throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa and operates as a major investment bank. As of June 2015, the group had total assets of $1.5 trillion and employed about 22,000 people globally.

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