QNET: An E-Commerce Direct Selling Company That Delivers Quality Products And Services

The global leader, QNET’s success has been rooted in creating a truly global e-commerce platform with extensive reach and benefits for people. Our distributors are invited to have a fair chance to be the face of our e-commerce business, and enjoy financial freedom by managing their own businesses with international exposure.

By helping people to become global consumers, entrepreneurs, and employees of QNET, we are committed to making a difference to the world. This business model makes QNET a truly global leader. They have over 220 distribution offices in over 70 countries, and employ over 23,000 global distributors and associates, spread across the globe.

QNET is headquartered in Singapore, and has operation centers in the UK and other parts of Europe, South America and Australia. QNET makes its sales primarily from its online retail platform, which has more than 170 online shopping portals, including multiple e-commerce sites of major online marketplaces.

In direct selling, distributors typically give a percentage of the products they sell to members of their sales team, allowing them to earn commissions based on product sales. A good distributor can earn $1,000 or more per month for selling a significant number of products and services. Direct selling has a great potential for widespread economic growth in emerging economies, where these professionals can become successful entrepreneurs by leveraging our global presence and expertise.

QNET offers its customers unique opportunities to become independent entrepreneurs, by providing them with a vast choice of an diverse range of Asian, African, South and Central Asian products. QNET provides the diverse products that fit every taste and make a long-term lasting impact on the customers. For the people who wish to earn a big income, QNET should be a top choice of selection.

QNet’s products and solutions are approved for export by the United Nations. In 2014, it was the first company in Asia to be granted a BRC retail certification by the British Retail Consortium to sell its products globally. Refer to this video clip on YouTube for more information.


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