Roland Dickey Jr On Growing The Dickey’s Capital Group Restaurant Chain

Dickey’s capital group runs a successful chain of BBQ Pit Franchise brands with over 500 locations worldwide. It started as a small family business to one of the fastest-growing barbeque franchises in the world.


Roland Dickey Jr Net Worth has created a solid brand name and has received national recognition for his impact in the industry. He has been recognized in the “Top 100 Movers and Shakers” fast food edition four times.

In the restaurant business magazine, he has been listed in the “POWER 20” list, with the nation’s restaurant magazine naming him among the 50 most influential people when it comes to the food industry. He has also been awarded the “best franchise deal” twice by OSR. Roland Dickey Jr has clinched the best food and drink franchise title and the most established franchise brand globally.


Dickey’s Capital Group was started Dickey’s barbeque in 1941 with his grandparents working in the restaurant. Chatting with customers all day long was the start of a family business with a loyal customer base. The demise of his grandfather caused his sons to come help in the restaurant chain, developing their recipes and opening up additional outlets in Dallas- Fort Worth, to cater to the growing customer base. There were already 20 locations run in and out of state when Roland Dickey Jr was named CEO in 2006.

Growth of the Restaurants

Dickey Jr’s idea was to make the pit a national brand. Pushing his limits in the great recession, he grew the business while offering customers satisfying comfort food when things were hopeless. The right mindset for quality services enabled the chain to increase from 20 to 500 locations in five years.

Personal Ambition

CEO Roland Dickey Jr. has a degree on Bachelor of Arts from Southern Methodist University and a Master of Arts. Dickey Jr. equates his success to the pressure of running the family business. Considering it his best advantage, it is also his most formidable challenge every day, as he has learned that only results count. In the future, he wants to include technology and more organic menus to grow the business even more from the starter Dickey’s catering van. Go here for additional information.


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