Ryan Bishti, Director of Cirq le Soir

Ryan Bishti is the Director of Cirq le Soir, a restaurant located in Sausalito, California. Cirq le Soir is the restaurant’s second location, having opened in Berkeley around five years ago. Ryan Bishti has been with the newly opened establishment for only three months. The restaurant serves French-inspired dishes and drinks, including a signature drink called “Cirq le Soir.” The drink is made with an infusion of fresh-squeezed orange juice, fresh-squeezed lime juice, and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. The drink was created by Bishti himself after being inspired by the taste of the grapefruit and lime juices together. It is garnished with fresh lemon zest on top of a large ice cube to add to its refreshing taste.

Cirq le Soir was established in 2011 by Bishti’s parents, who had traveled to France several times to visit their family there. Having previously worked in various restaurants throughout California, Bishti was inspired to open his establishment. In the beginning, the restaurant only served French cuisine, with a few Spanish and Italian dishes thrown in. However, Cirq le Soir gradually began to focus on French cuisine exclusively over time.

Ryan Bishti has received several awards and recognitions for his work in the restaurant industry. In 2011, he won the “Best New Restaurant” award from the San Francisco Chronicle. In 2012, Bishti won the “Best New Chef” award from SF Weekly. His success was also recognized by his inclusion in California’s Top Young Chefs list published by Zagat in 2012. Many of his restaurant’s dishes have also been featured and praised by various publications such as SF Weekly, Eater SF, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Being successful is not an easy task in the restaurant industry. Dealing with the constant changes in the industry and adjusting his business to suit new trends is a difficult task for anyone. However, Bishti has managed to overcome these challenges by providing excellent service, creating new dishes, and attracting customers willing to try new things.

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