Ryan Kavanaugh: Triller Founder Talks About His Next Act

Ryan Kavanaugh is the founder of Triller, a social media app that allows you to share videos with your friends. He’s also an entrepreneur who has founded other successful businesses like Relativity Media and Dick Clark Productions. Recently, Ryan announced his next act: he will be producing the reboot of Dirty Dancing! Everyone knows the movie – it’s a classic! But who is Ryan Kavanaugh, and why should we care?

Ryan was born on January 11, 1973, in Los Angeles. His parents were both entertainment lawyers – his dad represented Michael Jackson – and he began to work in film production when he was 13 years old. When Ryan went to college at USC, he started a chain of movie theatres called Varsity Theater and was buying movies from distributors when he was only 17 years old! After Ryan graduated from college in 1994 with a degree in Business Administration and Economics, he started a music label for hip-hop artists. He used his parents’ lawyers to copyright their songs and began selling them to recording artists. Ryan Kavanaugh couldn’t legally sign artists because he wasn’t 21 yet, so his mom and dad signed for him!

After attending USC, Ryan got his first big break in the film industry: a chance meeting with Michael Ovitz – founder of one of the biggest talent agencies in Hollywood – led to an internship at CAA (Creative Artists Agency), the second-largest talent agency. Ryan worked for Michael Ovitz, who is considered a Hollywood legend and is one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. He was President of Disney for a time but left because he didn’t agree with their business plan. Some people say that Ovitz was the inspiration for the character “Ari” on Entourage TV. Ryan worked for him for quite a while, learning all he could about Hollywood and becoming an expert in his field.

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