SextPanther : Revolutionized Entertainment

SextPanther, an adult application founded in 2014, was created as a more secure alternative for mature adults to interact. That is to form sexual relationships or, for most users, for simple, unfiltered fun. SextPanther’s creators incorporated a range of AI technology and human experts to bridge the gap between its users and the content creators. That creates a sense of security and privacy.

In a sea of several other sex apps, SextPanther stood out from the rest in that users and content creators can chat, call, send risqué videos, and exchange nudes on the app. In addition, both content creators and the users mutually benefit from these interactions. That is one factor that makes SextPanther different from other adult content sites.

Content creators get to earn money every time a user chooses to follow them on SextPanther. Once a user registers to be on SextPanther, they have to purchase credits to interact with the content creators. One credit equals one dollar. So, whenever a user sends a text or calls, the content creator receives payment in credits. A user can also choose to tip a content creator in credits.

The mainly used platform on SextPanther is the sex chat feature. People can interact freely through sexting, the trending form of sex chatting, famous for its ability to add spice into its user’s lives. While this takes place, SextPanther withholds sensitive security information like phone numbers and physical locations. Also, personal data is protected during one-on-one interaction as there is no direct communication between the user and the content creator.

SextPanther acts as a messenger between the client and the content creator such that when the user sends a sext, it goes straight to SextPanther, then SextPanther forwards the sext to the intended content creator. In addition, several measures have been put in place to guarantee no catfishing or any interaction with bots.

As the pandemic shut down several adult entertainment establishments, SextPanther bridged the gap left by providing a virtual form of entertainment with physical interaction.

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