Some Actions and Acts by Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos has been involved in political and charitable activities around Michigan since he was a young man. He is also a businessman in Grand Rapids. Through the DeVos Foundation, he has donated money to many projects around Grand Rapids. Some of the citizens have commented that the DeVos name is so prominent in the community that it can be overwhelming.


When it comes to sports and culture, Dick DeVos has donated to both genres. There is a performance hall with his last name on it. In addition to that structure, he was involved with the placement and construction of the town’s sporting arena.


The Great Lakes Education Project was another adventure that Dick took on. It is an association that supports school choice, and the team focuses on political action. One of their actions involved blocking a policy that would make opening new schools in Michigan more complicated.


The next project DeVos began was creating and opening the Michigan Aviation Academy. It is a high school that teaches children about the science and tech surrounding flight and related fields. There is no cost for families. Kids get accepted to the school in a lottery-style drawing.


The state partially funds the cost of operating the classrooms, and the DeVos family also picks up much of the tab. In the late 2000s, the DeVos Foundation gave several million to the school. The academy did meet all of the requirements set by the IRS to be considered by the family’s foundation.


Dick’s parents were part of the original group that started the Amway Corporation. Today, the corporation is an international success. Dick worked there before his tenure at the Grand Rapids airport.

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