Sports and Apparel Executive Michael Capiraso Joins the JoggingBuddy Team

Michael Capiraso has joined the board of JoggingBuddy as an advisor and shareholder. JoggingBuddy is a social network designed to help runners find partners to run with.

Capiraso is no stranger to the fitness world. In his Career, Capiraso has worked with brands such as Major League Baseball, the NFL, and Calvin Klein. He also served as President and CEO of New York Road Runners (NYRR), organizers of the world’s largest marathon, the NYC marathon. As an avid runner himself, Capiraso has participated in the race 28 times. Before his tenure with NYRR, he was also the Chief Marketing Officer at Cole Haan. His transformational leadership and team-building have helped these brands and organizations to grow and flourish.  More information about Michael Capiraso at Crunchbase

Capiraso joining the JoggingBuddy team is an excellent match. Through JoggingBuddy, runners can find partners to hold them accountable making it much easier to start and continue working towards their goals. Waking up to go run by yourself can be a difficult task, but knowing that someone else will be there to join you can give you the motivation to keep pushing.

JoggingBuddy has many useful features, including leaderboards, networking, and an advice section. There are leaderboards for distance and time trials because competition is great for motivation. JoggingBuddy’s network of runners can help you find someone to run with in your own town, or when traveling. Members of the community can be found in over 100 countries. The advice section has helpful articles on how running improves physical and mental health, inspiring stories about runners around the world, and tips to help you along your running journey.

It will be interesting to see how  Michael Capiraso elevates the JoggingBuddy brand just as he has done with so many others.

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