Sujit Choudhry: Impact of COVID-19 to the Canadian Constitution

Over one year ago, the global community received the shock of their lives. A strange virus started to attack people, regardless of their age. In less than three months, thousands of people had lost their lives to the pandemic. World leaders and other powerful individuals worked day and night to take control of the situation. The virus is transmitted when droplets from an infected person reach other people. At first, no one knew how to deal with the dangerous disease. Medical professionals had the worst time of their lives. While treating the patients, these doctors got the disease, and some of them lost their lives. Without doctors and the ideal medicine to control the disease, governments had to make fast decisions to ensure that no more damage is done. The authorities consulted scientists about the matter, and several measures were recommended to tame the situation. Sujit Choudhry wants to address some of the recent measures that were taken in a hurry and the impact they are having to the people.

Most businesses around the global community had to restrict their operations and ask their employees to submit their work at home. People were no longer allowed to assemble and talk to each other in public places without having facial masks. Keeping distance from other people was the only way for people to be safe from new infections. Canadian authorities restricted how their citizens could travel in and outside the country when the infections were getting out of hand. Sujit Choudhry and other lawyers dealing with constitutional matters have started to witness some negative impact of the COVID -19 regulations to the society. People have some basic rights of speech and assembly from the constitution. With the new measures, however, these rights of the people can never be exercised. Canada people now feel that they should move to the courts and petition their right of meeting and interacting with people. Source:

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