The 2021 World Health Care Outlook: Mahmoud Khattab's Perspective

Innovative solutions, from cyber-security to telemedicine, are being widely adopted to improve the way care is delivered and put more people, including the elderly, at risk of missing out. These services improve the patient experience and help hospitals cut costs. If such innovative care is not fully rolled out now, the effects of a major pandemic could be devastating.

The Health Care Workforce Crisis

Global health care has experienced an historic shortage of both health care professionals and health care workers in recent years. The shortage of health care workers has had dire consequences, including, but not limited to, an increase in difficulty in recruiting people with the necessary skills, and increased difficulty in recruiting the health care workers needed to meet the expected increase in patient demand. Mahmoud Khattab: The trend of a deepening and worsening shortage of health care professionals has been recorded around the world, and is expected to worsen.

The changing face of health care’s workforce

The growing global aging population has many health care workers reaching retirement age and offering an unprecedented need for new employees. The world’s next generation of health care professionals will be dealing with a global health care workforce that is significantly more diverse than the generation before. Mahmoud Khattab: These changes will require health care organizations to develop and implement a more innovative, adaptive workforce strategy that can respond to new challenges.

Is COVID-19 the beginning of the next pandemic?

One can certainly hope so, but that in itself is a risky proposition. Anticipating and preventing pandemic threats is a complex undertaking with many risks. COVID-19 is different from past pandemics in many ways, including its unusual source, its potential to cause widespread disruption and suffering, and its potential for significant damage in the global health care and financial sectors. Mahmoud Khattab: The key to countering any future pandemic is continuing scientific research and developing of new technologies and practices. Other recent studies have predicted how these may play out in the future, including in terms of predicted economic impact.

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