The Career Background of Dr. Chris Brummer

Dr. Chris Brummer has dedicated most of his professional career to legal and financial studies. As a professor of law and faculty director of economic law, he has taught and hosted numerous financial initiatives both academically and administratively. In addition, Dr. Brummer is very passionate about financial regulations and has participated in research initiatives geared towards policies concerning technology. To help bridge the gap, Dr. Chris Brummer hosts Fintech Week, a forum designed to link stakeholders in the financial sector with regulatory communities.

Before his current position at Georgetown University Law Center, Dr. Chris Brummer was an assistant professor at Vanderbilt Law School and a private practice attorney in New York and London. He has authored several financial technology books and provides consultation services to policymakers and nonprofits on best practice methods related to financial systems. Recently he was among the members selected to serve the Biden-Harris transition team after the American Presidential elections. 

Demand for Dr. Chris Brummer’s expertise has landed him positions in various regulatory groups, including a subcommittee on Virtual Currencies, advisory member for Alliance for Innovative Regulations, and Digital Dollar Project. He also worked for European Securities and Markets Authority and the NASDAQ delisting panel. Currently, he is a fellow of the GeoEconomic Center and a Fannie Mae Director.

On a regular day, Dr. Chris Brummer spends his time consulting with international market regulators aside from his teaching at Georgetown University. The Fintech Week Forum also allows him to create a discussion around how finance and technology can help supervision and oversight operations in various industries. He is a big supporter of digital participation among businesses and communities to help in the rapid development of financial technology.

In his own words, Dr. Chris Brummer believes that being considerate about people and hoping for a business deal with clients is very important. He has spent most of his career teaching how to better provide financial services to all the relevant stakeholders through different platforms. He also credits hard work and good research for his success.

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