The Mobile Future with Min-Liang Tan

The mobile future is here. With the number of people using smartphones to access the Internet, it’s no surprise that developers are finding new ways for people to use their phones. There are more than 1 billion Android devices on Earth and there will be 2 billion by 2020! This means that if you’re not developing for mobile, your customers might just go somewhere else.

The mobile industry is on fire. It’s growing at an unprecedented rate, it’s always evolving, and the user expectations are skyrocketing. This means there are some pretty big challenges to overcome if you want your mobile app project to be successful. Here are four of the most common mobile development challenges I see all over the world. How many of them have you faced in your career?

  1. You can’t get a team together or you have to compromise on quality

This is the number one problem I hear from people around the world. The demand for mobile developers is so high right now that it’s incredibly hard to find great ones who are available for hire or even partner with you. Maybe you have a million users waiting for your app, but if you can’t find a team to build it, who cares.

  1. You don’t have the money to spend on developing apps

For many people going into business for themselves or scaling an existing business, funding is always a challenge. If you’re bootstrapping it, you need to be super smart about where you put your money.

  1. Your app is stuck in the planning stage indefinitely because everyone has a different opinion of what should be built

Sometimes the problem isn’t that there aren’t enough people on your team, but that they have too many conflicting opinions about what should be developed. This is where I find the most challenges with small businesses and startups, since they don’t have lots of stakeholders but all want to weigh in on what’s built.

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