The Wide Reach Of Comedic Entrepreneur And Business Genius,  Executive Producer Andrew Alexander

Can you name a comedic gem that was inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame in 2002? It’s a show that was nominated for more than a dozen Emmy awards. Many of the hilarious episodes, in fact, were up for the same award during the same year. This ground-breaking venue received two Emmys for ‘Writing for a Variety or Music Program’ for two consecutive years.

The show in question is the famed SCTV, a show which was catapulted into cultural consciousness by characters created by the likes of Martin Short and Gilda Radner. Many SCTV staples, like John Candy and Dan Aykroyd went on to make movie history. And all the while, operating under the radar, providing the needed platform for the glittering talents was Andrew Alexander. Alexander provided programming expertise and production genius for the SCTV enterprise.

Britain-born, Alexander was a writer, editor and blue-collar jack of many trades before experiencing a visceral reaction at an improv show. Alexander saw something special in the then emerging format of improv theater. He bought the floundering Toronto Second City site and set about creating theatrical reviews that changed the face of comedy. From there he forayed into television and bigger media, co-producing with big names like, HBO, Disney, MGM.

He executive-produced the Canadian feature-film Intern Academy, later changed to Whitecoats, a story about a raw group of doctors-to-be. Like the Police Academy franchise, the plot allowed viewers to root for the bumbling underdog hopefuls. He also helped found the pay channel Super Station.

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