Tom Chang MD Emphasize the Benefits of Patient’s Education

Millions of patients depend on medical practitioners for comprehensive care. From diagnosis to medication, numerous patients take an active role in medical procedures. In most cases, patients receive limited education that cannot help improve the experience—Tom Chang MD advocates for patient education for transformative healthcare. The managing Partner of Acuity Eye Group has seen the benefits of patient education. In his clinic, which has grown from a singular location to several others in the Western US, Tom strives to enlighten his patients on eye issues. He provides his patients with necessary learning materials and encourages other medical professionals to prioritize patient’s education. 


Catching Illness Early

In ocular care, many diseases do not reveal physical symptoms, especially during the early stages. Thus, patients need to take an active role in matters concerning their health. Most degenerative and progressive diseases can be prevented if patients can embrace annual examinations and consult medical professionals regularly. The specialized ophthalmologist recommends at least 2 annual checkups. Tom Chang MD sensitizes on the benefits of annual examinations, regular maintenance and constant communication between patients and doctors. Tom takes personal initiative to update patients on medical news and remind them about upcoming medical examinations. 


According to Tom, numerous diseases can be treated more effectively if they are detected early. He encourages patients to prioritize medical examinations since they are likely to experience positive outcomes when they detect illnesses early. Tom Chang MD has explained that patients’ education has a significant impact on improving the healthcare system. By sharing meaningful, pertinent and enthusiastic information, doctors can spearhead the development of healthy habits and increased self-advocacy. Tom strives to maintain a strong patient relationship. 

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