Why QNET Scam Rumors Should Be Ignored

Many years ago, the concept of direct selling came into the market. Several companies embraced this method of selling, and they have done an excellent job so far. QNET is among the Asian companies taking direct selling into a new level. Despite the popularity and success enjoyed by the company, QNET scam allegations have been rampant in many parts of the world. Here are a few reasons why QNET scam stories are false;

QNET works in nations that have strict consumer protect regulations

QNET set up its first offices in India. Years later, the facility has expanded into more than one hundred countries. The organization has offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Rwanda and Germany. These nations have very strict consumer protection regulations. QNET has complied with all of the regulations because it is a legit company.

QNET funds many charity organizations

For more than twenty years, QNET has given back to vulnerable communities in the world. The facility gives back through the RHYTHM Foundation. Underserved local communities found in South East Asia, India, Sri Lanka and Africa have received a lot of support from the direct selling platform. The QNETCares campaign proved that QNET scam rumors are not true. The campaigns helped to raise food, medical equipment and essential supplies to people in thirty countries.

Two decades expertise

QNET has a very humble background. In the last twenty three years, however, the facility has grown to become one of the largest direct selling establishments in the world. The company has successfully introduced direct selling in several emerging communities in Asia, Africa and Middle East. The entrepreneurship opportunities in the institution offer people flexible schedules to make money.

QNET trains and mentors many people

Thousands of professionals have already received training from QNET. The training programs have helped many individuals to become independent distributors. No one has to pay for the training.

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