Bobby Kotick – Activision Trading Day

Bobby Kotick is the CEO of Activision Blizzard. Under his leadership, the company became a standalone and progressive entertainment firm. Currently, it has more than a hundred million users in the world. Bobby is also a member of the board of the coca-cola company.

Video game and holding companies have dominated the industry for many years. Those who are into video games must have heard about the company. Bobby Kotick has been managing the company since 1990.

On March 1, 1963, Kotick was born in Long Island, New York. It is where he spent his childhood life before joining college. Bobby attended Michigan University, where he made art History. However, Steve Jobs advised Bobby to drop out of college and start his own software company.

In 2017 Bobby was mentioned as the longest-running head of a tech company, according to fortune. The company has been running smoothly under his tenure. Bobby has been utilizing more techniques to ensure the company remains fresh in the industry.

Although the video game industry is becoming more extensive, Bobby has been criticized for his annual salary. Kotick had earned a lot of money since he started working when he was a kid. Since that time, he has been saving all the money he makes. Kotick had a net worth of 7 billion dollars as of 2016.

Although the world-renowned video game publisher Activision Blizzard came on top on December 8 was a mixed trading session for the stock market. For many years Activision Blizzard has been the leading company in the video game industry.

They have come up with several titles, including candy crush and call of duty. Kotick has over thirty years of experience in the industry; thus, he has the best track record of becoming a CEO in any Video game company. He has successfully led the company, ensuring the clients are served to satisfaction.

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