Delving Into the Career of Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt is among the executives who possess a lot of experience in the technological sector. Initially, he started as a corporate lawyer. His career has also been expansive. He has worked in the entertainment law field. Also, he has worked at Martha Stewart as a general counsel. His major accomplishment to date is holding different senior roles while working at IAC. Blatt has held different leadership roles, including CEO and chairman of IAC and its subsidiaries, including Tinder and Match Group. Greg Blatt has also managed to capitalize on the online dating sector while ensuring its relevance is sustainable in the tech world, considering it’s ever-changing.

The career trajectory of Greg Blatt has been nonlinear. We’ll now look into the path that Greg Blatt took.

For starters, we can see that Greg Blatt has a wandering spirit, which is why he has managed to venture from one sector to another. After completing his undergraduate studies, Greg Blatt traveled around the globe, and he worked as a painter and bartender to support himself. During his traveling escapades, Greg Blatt would have new experiences.

There came the point when he enrolled in law school. According to Greg Blatt, law school enabled him to understand the importance of critical thinking. After completing his studies, he got a job at a law firm that deals with mergers and acquisitions in New York. The job was demanding; nonetheless, Greg Blatt managed to develop a strong work ethic.

After that, Greg Blatt got a job at an entertainment law firm. His main focus was on getting an opportunity to start screenwriting. Since he was close to one of the clients known as Martha Stewart, Greg Blatt managed to work as her company’s general counsel. Finally, Greg Blatt was recommended by one of his colleagues as the man for the job at IAC, and that is how he got into the online dating industry.

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