Edgard Corona Is The Founder And Acts As The Chief Executive Officer At Smart Group

Edgard Corona is the Chief Executive Officer of a company known as SmartFit, and their main focus and specialization are around the whole fitness segment. Apart from being the CEO at SmartFit, Edgard Corona is the founder and acts as the Chief Executive Officer at Smart Group. The Bio Ritmo and Smart Group operates close to 480 gyms around the country, and in 2017, the company earned approximately R$1 billion.

It’s important to note that Edgard Corona founded and incorporated the Bio Ritmo group in early 1996. Over two decades, he has been in the business of fitness segment around Santo Amaro around Sao Paulo in Brazil. It’s essential to understand that Edgard did not start with his success as he started with only one unit without much experience in the industry.

Over the years, Edgard has grown the company to a regional conglomerate. He has become the face of the company serving as the company Chief Executive Officer for the entire time.

Edgard Corona is a chemical engineer by training, and previous to starting his company, he was a core pillar in the family business, the Corona Family Sugar Mills. He also briefly worked as a chemical laboratory assistant.
Currently, his company has been able to expand.

They have a presence in other regions, as one can find Smart fit in countries such as Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, and the Dominican Republic. Across the entire Latin America region, his company SmartFit has consolidated the market, serving over a million students in the area. It’s essentially important to note that the entire subscription of Edgard gym subscription is more than the total [population in Estonia.

Edgard and his companies’ pride through innovative Smart ways have reshaped how people exercise in the country. It’s important to note that these gyms have changed and altered how the entire market change. To know more click: here.

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