How Philip Belamant is Changing the Communities Via Fintech

Phillip Belamant is the founder and CEO of Zilch, a company that makes payments easier, more accessible, and simpler to millions of users. Perhaps you don’t know that before becoming a public figure, he created other tech-savvy financial systems that enhanced the mobility and welfare of South African residents. Philip Belamant’s virtual payment tools enabled remote residents to pay their electricity, airtime, goods, water, and other bills through virtual cards or mobile phones.

Philip’s Rise to an Entrepreneur

He pursued a degree in Information Technology at the University of Johannesburg. After graduating in 2006, Philip Belamant had concepts regarding the technology he would develop to pave the way for his future endeavors. Philip followed in his father’s footsteps in the technology industry as he found himself interested in mobile technologies and artificial intelligence.

Philip Launches PBel

Philip Belamant sourced funds for PBel between 2006 and 2012 to develop social games for mobile phones. During this period, users would use prepaid airtime to buy virtual assets or even play games. Also, the company developed an interest in various promotions and airtime competitions whereby users would win credit or other prizes. Later, the company ceased to offer mobile games as consumers preferred the mobile tech capabilities and competition.

PBel Partners with World Food Programme

PBel collaborated with Mastercard to develop a virtual card that made it possible for various world food programs to distribute funds in real-time to individuals in remote areas. Working with these international food organizations made it easy for Philip Belamant to utilize his fintech solution to benefit society.

Improving Mobility and Financial Inclusion

Although financial inclusion depends on issuing a bank account, Philip developed a branchless banking account for people in rural regions, especially those in the low-income category. Most of these people can hardly access bank accounts, meaning they keep their funds in cash. Luckily, Belamant invented an incredible system that offered mobility and convenience to consumers. Ultimately, it decentralized the outdated banking system and enhanced lives throughout the country.

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