Microsoft purchasing Activision Blizzard

Microsoft will be taking on a lot with its $68.7 billion purchase of the massively troubled video game studio Activision Blizzard. As a result of the acquisition, a corporation with discrimination and sexual harassment litigation due to its working culture will be taken over. Microsoft will also target unionized game development firms in the coming months.

The new CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer, believes that a flurry of video games and lengthy properties will be essential to Microsoft’s customer acquisition strategy.

Activision Blizzard employees have been vocal about their dissatisfaction with the company’s management, which prompted Spencer to give a 10-minute interview to The Washington Post on Wednesday. About union employees, he said that his organization would strive to enable its new staff “to perform their best job.”

Bobby Kotick’s contentious CEO Bobby Kotick was not a topic of conversation when Spender was asked about the new hires.

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He said, “One hundred percent of our concentrate is on the teams,” alluding to ongoing reforms within the company. “We’re aware that there’s work to be done. We’re doing our own thing.”

In the United States, Microsoft is expected to become the most significant employer of game developers. Spencer told Axios that he is aware of the consequences this might have on the sector and that he is prepared for it:

It is unlikely that we will be able to shape video game policy solely on our own, even if this deal is completed.

Spencer continued, “I want to stand for factors that make the team stronger and people feel safe.” However, I would argue that we’re in a position of unchecked power and have been open about these issues. “That doesn’t hold water with me.”

When Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard in the fiscal year 2023, which concludes next summer, the deal is likely to finalize.

Activision Blizzard’s and Microsoft’s boards of directors also approved the deal. Closing and regulatory scrutiny remain in place before the sale closes.

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