PosiGen Solar Power Leasing Program

PosiGen is an energy company based in Los Angeles. It got founded in 2011 in New Orleans. It was founded after Hurricane Katrina destroyed most homes in the region, and people wanted to rebuild, but they did not have enough resources. In addition, most families were low and middle-income earners, which made it impossible to reconstruct their homes. PosiGen allowed homeowners to save with the company, and in turn, they provided them with the much-needed power. With time it has expanded and now has operations in New York, Florida, and Connecticut.


PosiGen came up with a strategy to provide energy for clients who agreed to save with the company. As a result, most people have managed to access power as it is cheaper that way. To add to that, the company provides other services such as helping clients build energy-efficient houses. As a result, it has helped reduce the power bills. PosiGen has also come up with strategies aimed at reducing energy consumption for its clients. Most homes have uncontrolled power wastage, mainly caused by air leaks or inefficient air conditioners. The company carries out audits for its clients and provides solutions if there is an area with no power control.

To add to that, PosiGen has in a significant way improved the living standards of people. One is with the world-changing to using more technology the need to be connected to power raises. 

Technology which has simplified life in many ways is being adopted even by low-income earners as they now have access to power. PosiGen has an employee base of around 500 employees who can support their families with their salary. The company has also managed to achieve diversity by employing people of different colours, races, and traditions. Also, it encourages the employment of both males and females to achieve gender equality. PosiGen has helped in environmental conservation because its production does minor damage to the environment than other energy production methods. Adding on to that, it allows clients to build comfortable and durable homes which give more value to the property. Posigen also teaches its clients how to live in a clean and safe environment.

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