Yves Mirabaud Interview: 2020 Financial Results, Wealth Management

Yves Mirabaud is a global leader in wealth management with operations in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. The company offers wealth management, capital market services, and asset management solutions to high-net-worth individuals, families, and trust companies. Mirabaud has business interests in property development, agribusiness, and renewable energy.

How does Mirabaud make money?

Mirabaud focuses on three core businesses that make up over 80% of its revenue. These businesses are wealth management, asset management, and capital market services. The company is focused on growing the wealth management business to maintain a healthy growth rate. The aim is to increase the number of new customers and the size of their assets from current levels by 20%. To achieve this, the company is expanding its wealth management business, increasing its distribution network, and serving new customers. In the asset management business, Yves Mirabaud wants to grow its presence and develop a strong presence in the Netherlands.

What are Mirabaud’s financial goals for the future?

According to Yves Mirabaud, to maintain and further increase profitability, the company aims to close the financial year with revenues of at least 4 billion euros. This would represent a relatively healthy return on equity, which would help support the stock price and increase the company’s attractiveness to investors. Additionally, the company aims to improve the return on assets and equity, which will help it compete more effectively with other investors in the asset management industry.

Key risks and uncertainties

Mirabaud is a relatively new company, and the market for wealth management may take some time to develop. Therefore, the company might experience some competition in the market. Furthermore, the company must continue to invest in the development of the company’s core businesses to increase its profit margins and maintain its competitive position in the market. As the company’s revenue grows, its expenses must also evolve. The risk of this is that costs may grow more quickly than revenues. Therefore, the company must maintain attractive margins, or its income might be reduced. Refer to this article for more information.


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